Tax Preparation Questions


Start early with these easy tax questions prepared for you by DREWS TAX PLUS who is open year round to help you with all your tax preparation needs.

Questions to Ask Myself
(If married, Questions to Ask Ourselves):

  1. Did I get married or divorced this year?
    • Need: Married–prior year return of both spouses. Divorced–copy of the divorce decree.
  2. Did I have any children this past year by birth or adoption?
    • Need: Social Security cards and adoption papers.
  3. Did any of my children or my spouse die during the year?
    • Need: Date of death.
  4. Did anyone come to live with me during the year?
    • Need: Date of occupancy and relationship.
  5. Did I change jobs during the year?
    • Need: Start date/name of new employer/W-2s from new and old employers.
  6. Was I unemployed at any time during the year?
    • Need: Unemployment Form.
  7. Did I put money into a retirement account (ie. 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, SIMPLE, SEP)?
    • Need: Type of plan; amount of contribution.
  8. Did I take any money out of a retirement account?
    • Need: Form 1099-R.
  9. Do I receive Social Security payments?
    • Need: Form 1099-SSA.
  10. Did I sell any stocks, bonds, investment property, partnership interests, or any other types of investments?
    • Need: Form 1099-B or other sale documents; basis or original costs.
  11. Did I purchase any of the above items?
    • Need: Purchase documents; closing papers.
  12. Did I inherit any property?
    • Need: Will; K-1 from the estate.
  13. Did I trade any property?
    • Need: Date of trade, property given up and property received, basis and FMV; Qualified intermediary sales agreements or closing papers.
  14. Did I start or end a small business?
    • Need: Formation or termination dates; property contributions or distributions.
  15. Did I receive any money from lawsuit settlements?
    • Need: Date received; reason for the settlement; 1099-MISC.
  16. Do I own any rental real estate whether it be commercial or residential?
    • Need: Income; expenses; new property purchased.
  17. Did I win any prizes?
    • Need: Form 1099-MISC; value of prizes not included on Form 1099-MISC.
  18. Did I play the lottery and win?
    • Need: Total amount won whether on W-2Gs or not; total amount of losses.
  19. Do I gamble?
    • Need: See Question #18.
  20. Do I pay for health insurance?
    • Need: Health insurance premiums; if it is an employer-sponsored plan, know whether it is paid with pretax dollars; totals of other medical, dental, and drug expenses. Total mileage to go to and from doctor, dentist, etc.
  21. Did I pay any medical, dental, or drug expenses this year?
    • Need: See Question #20.
  22. Did I pay any additional tax to my state last year either with my 2013 state return or due to a notice from the state?
    • Need: Prior year’s income tax return; property tax bills; closing papers from the purchase or sale of property; letter from the state regarding any change in a prior filed return.
  23. Did I pay my property tax either by check or through my escrow agent?
    • Need: See Question #22.
  24. Did I buy a home or refinance my current home?
    • Need: Closing papers from purchase; Forms 1098.
  25. Did I donate money to any charities?
    • Need: Date and type of contributions, knowledge that receipts from the organizations have been received; mileage log for charitable work.
  26. Did I donate any property to charities?
    • Need: See Question #25.
  27. Do I do any other charitable work that I am not reimbursed for?
    • Need: See Question #25.
  28. Do I have job related expenses such as mileage, advertising, or travel?
    • Need: Mileage log, travel, or miscellaneous expense amounts for items related to employment.
  29. Have I paid educational expenses or student loan interest for myself or my family?
    • Need: Form 1098-T for parents or children; Interest record for student loans.
  30. Do I pay daycare expenses for my children or disabled spouse?
    • Need: The name, address, and ID number of the day care provider; the amount paid to the provider; if the provider comes into your home, a W-2 may be required.